Steel Learning Functional Panel (LFP) Type-2 4″/102mm

LFPs are suitable for new or existing educational facilities. Since the specified level of noise reduction often requires that less than 25 to 30% of the reflective surface be covered, the panels can be installed around sprinkler heads, lighting fixtures, heating and ventilation ducts. They are particularly effective in school gyms, hallways, cafeterias and auditoriums while also providing noticeable acoustic improvement in a wide arrange of settings such as assembly halls, religious facilities, and multi-purpose rooms. Installing EFPs can meet or exceed requirements for safe noise thresholds thereby creating a healthier and more effective environment for study.

LFP Type 2 3-Part Spec


ELPs provide an extremely rugged noise control system for schools, colleges, universities and learning academies. From classrooms and hallways to music practice and staff offices, specially strengthened ELP panels and fastner systems are ideally suited for correcting noise and reverb problems where people gather or work, including Pools & Recreational Facilities, Theatres & Auditoriums, Music Schools & Private Academies, as well as  other applications. 

Additional information

Sound Absorption

Tested in accordance with ASTM C 423 and E 795:

125 Hz

6.2 sabins

250 Hz

20.5 sabins

500 Hz

35.2 sabins

1000 Hz

34.5 sabins

2000 Hz

31.5 sabins

4000 Hz

33.1 sabins


0.99, minimum

Panel Construction


Panel Thickness

4" Flat Facing


30" (760 mm).

Acoustical Insulation

4" (102mm) Thick, Density of not less than 1.5 pounds per cubic foot (24 kg/cubic m),, Encapsulated in a 1.5 to 2 mil (0.04 to 0.05 mm) flame guard polyethylene, Fibrous glass, Fine fibred

Anchors & Fasteners

1/4” (6 mm)-20 x 1” (25 mm) long bolts to attach mounting brackets to the panels, cadmium plated for steel panels, corrosion-resistant anchors for fastening brackets to substrate, See recommendations by panel manufacturer and by architect


4” (100 mm) of clearance between back of panel and mounting surface, Four 11ga (3mm) steel brackets per unit for attachment to walls and ceilings




18ga (1.31 mm) electrogalvanized steel sheet, 3/32" (2 mm) Perforations on 3/16" (4.8 mm) staggered centers


20ga (0.9 mm) electrogalvanized steel, Two 1/4-20” (508mm) threaded inserts for each framing member for attachment of panel mounting brackets


Factory applied, Polyurethane enamel paint

Flame Spread

10 Maximum

Smoke Density

10 maximum