Our History

For close to eight decades, Eckel Noise Control Technologies has been at the forefront of acoustic analysis and design, creating optimal sound environments. Founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Eckel helped to create the world’s first Anechoic Chamber at Harvard University. Since then, the company has pioneered chamber design for use in product testing from cell phones to jet engines helping engineers and manufacturers achieve exceptional quality standards. Among our proudest achievements, Eckel Noise Control Technologies helped the tech giant, Microsoft, to achieve the Guinness World Record for the Quietest Place on Earth (please note this link will take you to our website).

Our Future

Building on the science behind its Anechoic Chambers, Eckel heralds the future of noise control technologies with the design and manufacture of other types of noise control solutions. Acoustic Panels provide precise control of reverberation and background noise in virtually any setting from auditoriums and gyms to concert halls and industrial facilities. Audiometric Rooms & Music Recording Studios create the ideal controlled environment for hearing testing, music practice, broadcast recording and other sound isolation applications.  Industrial Enclosures offer custom-engineered options for worksite noise isolation.

No Matter the Acoustic Challenge – Eckel has a Sound Solution

Anechoic Chambers

Eckel’s Full and Hemi-Anechoic Chambers are custom-engineered structures designed to create the ideal acoustic environment in which to conduct testing and research within an array of industries and disciplines

Reverberation Rooms

Eckel’s Reverberation Rooms determine the strength of noise sources, transmission loss of partitions, insertion loss of silencers, response characteristics of microphones & material sound absorption coefficients.

Industrial Enclosures

Eckel’s Industrial Enclosures provide noise containment in manufacturing operations where the noise generated by machinery and production  can raise ambient sound levels to create both safety & health concerns.


Eckel’s Portable Anechoic Chambers (PACs) are scaled anechoic chambers ideal for acoustic testing of small devices, calibration of microphones, free field response testing of loudspeakers and animal behavioural studies.

Audiology Rooms & Suites

Eckel Audiology Rooms integrate superb acoustics and ergonomics to create environments for a range of clinical and research procedures, in an array of choices and configurations.

Acoustic Door Sets

Eckel Acoustic Door Sets feature superb noise control for a range of environments and settings, from restaurants and hotels, to shipping departments & warehouses and wherever noise escapes access points.

SuperSoft Chambers

Eckel’s Supersoft Test Chambers offer a practical and economical alternative for hemi-anechoic testing applications. Supersoft chambers utilize proprietary low-profile corrugated panels as the acoustic treatment.

Broadcast & Recording Studios

Eckel’s Podcast VOBs & Studios offer an ideal environment for vocal and other recording studio applications, creating a controlled acoustic setting for audio engineering and  live performance recording.

Specialist Acoustic Products

With over sixty-five years of advancement in Noise Control Technologies, Eckel has a custom solution for your next big project. Speak with an Eckel Representative to get started.

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Eckel is an acoustics noise control company founded 1952 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The company engineers and constructs anechoic chambers and other acoustic products & systems.

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