Aluminum Acoustic Lay-in Panels (ALP)

Acoustic Lay-in Panels (ALPs) offer an attractive method for quickly upgrading acoustics in rooms having marginal acoustic ceilings. Installation requires minimum labor and little interruption to ongoing activities in the area. Engineered to fit standard 2×2 (609mm x 609mm) and 2×4 (609mm x 1219mm) lay-in grid systems, ALPs are available with solid backs where an attenuating ceiling is required.

ALP 3-Part Spec


Eckel Aluminum ALPs are a convenient and method for upgrading the performance and appearance of ceiling tiles. Standard ALPs and “V-Ridge” ALPs (V-ALPs) provide a simple method for rapidly improving the acoustics in rooms featuring marginal acoustic ceilings. Any room with 2’x4′ (609mm x 1219mm) or 2’x2′ (609mm x 609mm) lay-in ceiling panels and requiring sound absorption can be upgraded with Eckel ALPs. Replacing as little as 1/3 of the existing panels with Eckel ALPs will result in a substantial performance improvement.


Additional information

Sound Absorption

30" x 120" (760mm x 3050 mm) panel, Encapsulated in a 2.0 mil (0.05 mm) flame guard polyethylene, Tested in accordance with ASTM C 423 and E 795:

250 Hz

7.9 sabins

500 Hz

8.1 sabins

1000 Hz

9.3 sabins

2000 Hz

9.5 sabins

4000 Hz

10.6 sabins


0.99, minimum

Panel Construction


Panel Thickness

2" (51mm)


23" (584mm), Fits standard 2’ (610 mm) x 2’ (610 mm) suspended ceiling grid


23” (584 mm) or 47” (1194 mm), Fits standard 2’ (610 mm) or 4’ (1219 mm) length suspended ceiling grid

Average Weight

23” x 23” (584mm x 584mm) 3lb/2kg, 23” x 47” (762mm x 1194mm) 6lb/3kg

Acoustical Insulation

2” (50 mm) thick, Density of not less than 1.5 pounds per cubic foot (24 kg/cubic m),, Encapsulated in a 1.5 to 2 mil flame guard polyethylene, Fibrous glass, Fine fibred




.032 aluminum sheet, perforated with an open area of 23%


Factory applied, Polyurethane enamel paint

Flame Spread

10 Maximum

Smoke Density

10 maximum